Best Exercise Programs for Seniors

Remaining active and healthy becomes more important than ever as you grow older. As you may have learned, fitness also becomes more difficult as you grow older, whether you've remained consistently active or not. Exercise programs designed for low impact while still engaging your muscles and heart are perfect for seniors. Read on for some great options for staying active:

Water Aerobics

At the top of the list is probably the best exercise routine you can follow. Movement in the water forces more muscles in your body to work than nearly any other exercise. Additionally, it adds a bit of resistance while remaining low impact, so whether you're in tip-top shape or suffer from arthritis and sore joints, this is the best workout routine to follow. Plus, you can always add water weights to increase resistance training.


Whether inside or outdoors, walking increases your heart rate and works your entire lower body while remaining low impact. Fresh air, sunshine and people watching improve your physical and mental health. If you have a dog, he or she will thank you for taking a walk, too!

Chair Exercises

A great way to start your day is with chair exercises. There is almost no impact with chair exercises, so if you have more extensive arthritis, take the pressure off your joints. It's amazing the kind of workout you can achieve while remaining seated.

Riding a Bicycle

Whether riding out for an ice cream cone or just to enjoy the beautiful weather, riding a bicycle is enjoyable as you can go at your own pace. Consider tricycles if balance is an issue.