4 Ways a Will Protects Your Legacy


We all want to leave the world better than we found it. A Will makes it easy to ensure a positive impact after we’re gone. But shockingly, 67 percent of Americans have yet to create one! Here are four ways you can use this important document to keep your legacy intact and impacting lives:

1. Create a Will that aligns with your wishes. Blessing your loved ones and the causes you care about, like FSL, leaves a powerful legacy. Without a Will, the laws of your state determine what happens to your assets.

2. Put your love into words. A Will is an extraordinary opportunity to share your values or feelings with the next generation. Communicating love is a gift beyond value.

3. Avoid family stress. The lack of a Will puts added pressure on everyone you leave behind, often straining relationships among family members. Create a legacy of peace.

4. Eliminate unexpected costs. Without the direction of a Will, the court is forced to intervene. This can negatively impact the value of your Estate through probate costs and certain taxes. Up until a Will goes into effect, nothing is set in stone. So why wait? Protect your loved ones and leave a legacy through the causes closest to your heart by creating a Will today.

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