October is National Weatherization Month

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October is National Weatherization Month and FSL’s WAP team in Tucson has been working hard to ensure seniors and adults with disabilities have heating and cooling systems that work properly. The team of six has been extremely busy during COVID-19.

“We’re in the field, taking care of customers every day,” said Vincent Silvain, FSL WAP team member. “We couldn’t let the pandemic stop our work. Many seniors and adults with disabilities were counting on us to keep their AC working during the hot summer months. Our team has safety protocols in place and we are doing everything we can to provide uninterrupted service to customers. Weatherization lowers energy bills, and with many Americans out of work, they need to do everything possible to lower their expenses.”

Why is weatherization important?
• Many homes were built before energy efficient buildings were common; weatherization installs the latest energy saving measures based on building science.
• Weatherization lowers energy bills, freeing up household income for other necessities. The most affordable energy is the energy you don’t need to use in the first place.
• Low-income communities are disproportionately impacted by energy burden. Energy efficiency initiatives play a role in reversing these inequities.
• Weatherization reduces energy consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and stress on the power grid.

The WAP team in Tucson recently added new employees. They have progressed through the training and certification process quickly. Weatherization can be a fulfilling, lifelong career path with opportunities for increasing responsibilities such as auditor, crew leader, quality control inspector, and WAP manager. If you are considering a new career, you need a Building Performance Institute – Building Analyst Certification, High School diploma and the willingness to work outside under mobile homes or in attics.

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