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Story Aaron

At the age of 23, Aaron Cox was embarking on a new adventure. He had just been accepted into officer training school by the United States Air Force. Having earned his pilot license at the age of 15, he was on his path to realizing a longtime dream. But, just a few weeks later, while driving home from Luke Air Force base in a rain storm, Aaron was involved in a tragic accident with a flatbed truck. He was in a coma for four weeks, and when he awoke, he had severe brain damage, permanent memory loss and physical impairment. Aaron’s life was changed forever.

As Aaron began his new life, a life of continuous recovery from both his mental and physical injuries, he met and married Janice. Janice is a loving and devoted wife, but she has a full-time career which causes Aaron to be home alone all day. “All of my relatives and friends were working during the day so I couldn’t exactly call them and have them take me out somewhere,” he explains. Aaron felt isolated and Janice was questioning his quality of life.

“Being a caregiver to a spouse is very difficult because you want to have a normal marriage,” explains Janice. She knew that Aaron needed to find a safe, supportive place where he could interact with people and stimulate his mind.

Janice says that they visited a few day centers but they weren’t the best fit for Aaron as most of them focused on elderly clients and only offered activities for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Then, they found FSL’s Adult Day Health Services and they immediately knew it was different.

FSL’s Adult Day Health Services program offers a variety of specialized programming for young adults who have suffered a brain injury. In addition to the exercise and craft activities offered daily at each center, the young adult program also offers skill building, job and vocational training, help in determining socially appropriate behaviors, support through group and individual therapy and assistance in transitioning from high school into the adult day program.

Aaron explains, “My wife found out about FSL. I went there and it was a great, great difference. I got to talk to people, interact with people, socialize and go on different outings. I made friends there.”

Aaron attends FSL’s Adult Day Health Services program five days each week while Janice is at work. She describes the change it has provided to her family by saying, “Now it’s really good because when I come home, I see him and he tells me about his day and all the stuff he was able to do. That makes me happy; that he is able to have a full life and he’s actually a much happier person.”

Aaron describes the FSL Adult Day Health Services program as “One of the things that helps me get through the day and the week, basically get through life and recover physically and mentally – it’s helped me a lot.”

If you know an adult who could benefit from meaningful activities, socialization, nursing supervision, and assistance during the day, please tell them about FSL’s Adult Day Health Services program. With three locations around the Valley – in Glendale, Phoenix and Tempe – this program could be just what the family needs to supplement the care they’re providing to a loved one, allowing them to remain living together.

FSL’s Adult Day Health Services program is an affordable option to complement the care being provided at home. In addition to private pay, we are also contracted with ALTCS, Area Agency on Aging’s Family Caregiver and SAIL programs, Veterans’ Administration, and the Department of Economic Security Division of Developmental Disabilities.

To learn more, give us a call at 602-285-1800 or visit our webpage.

Your donations to FSL provide vital programs like ReCreación to more than 35,000 Arizonans each and every year.

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