A Transitional Care Miracle – Ekpevi’s Story

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Life doesn’t always give you the break you need when you need it – the rule is to always keep pushing forward no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. A tough lesson Ekpevi was taught while going through a rough patch in his life, which many times left him feeling helpless. As a family man, Ekpevi constantly felt the pressure to hold a steady job to ensure his family always had a roof over their head and warm food on the table. While his family did struggle for some time, one thing was for certain – Ekpevi was destined to find the help he needed.

For most of Ekpevi’s life he has struggled with medical problems, including Diabetes, which left him in a bind when it came to receiving medical care since he did not have insurance. While on a trip to visit his family in Africa, an unfortunate event left him needing medical attention, which he did not seek immediately. After prolonging his much-needed care for quite some time, he was left with no choice but to amputate half of his leg. As you can imagine, he was left feeling defeated but knew there was a solution out there for him. A prosthetic leg.

Thankfully, after being released from the St. Joseph’s Hospital Medical Center, Ekpevi was referred to the FSL ACTIVATE Transitional Care program for aftercare. He was also able to borrow durable medical equipment (DME) from ACTIVATE’s Kindness Closet while receiving treatment. While Ekpevi was extremely grateful for the help he was receiving, his ultimate goal was to receive a prosthetic leg so that he could continue working and get his citizenship to better life for him and his family. But with a $5,000 price tag, it was looking more and more unlikely.

After contacting various community resources, FSL’s ACTIVATE staff was able to get in contact with the K2 Adventures Foundation for support. The Foundation’s mission is to care for children, adults and families with special needs and or life-changing medical and financial circumstances by providing services, support and funds that will be used for educational and medical enrichment. With their help, Ekpeiv was able to receive a prosthetic leg in less than a month without having to spend a dime! When he received the news, both he and his family were overfilled with joy and thankfulness. They could not believe the over-pouring amount of support and selflessness they were shown by both organizations.

Ekpevi and his family are forever thankful for the guidance and support they received from both FSL ACTIVATE and the K2 Adventures Foundation. If you or someone you know could benefit from the FSL ACTIVATE Transitional Care program or Kindness Closet please click here or call 602-285-1800.

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