Adult Day Care Explained – What it is and What to Expect

Adult Day Care Explained What it is and What to Expect

Being in charge of caregiver duties for a family member can be quite tough and overwhelming, so it’s okay if you want some help from time to time. You also have your own life and job to think about, after all. An adult day health service center may be an excellent option if you need caring for your loved one, but would like to still keep them living at home with you. What exactly is an adult day care, though?

Adult Day Care in a Nutshell

Adult day health services consists of planned programs and activities that provide supervised care and companionship to older adults during the day in a professional care setting. These programs are designed to promote well-being through health and social-related services. FSL’s three Adult Day Health Services centers located in Glendale, Phoenix, and Tempe offer a cheerful, supportive, and safe environment where clients can participate in several different activities throughout their day.

All three of our adult day centers operate during regular daytime hours, Monday through Friday, and are closed on weekends and major holidays.

It provides an opportunity for older adults to get out of their house to receive both social and mental stimulation and the continuing care they require.

It gives caregivers a much-needed respite from their caregiving duties, so they can also attend to their personal needs and other responsibilities. Or, they could take this opportunity just to sit back and relax.

What are the Different Adult Day Services Offered?

Adult day services will vary between facilities. Some centers may focus on social and recreational services with a few personal care and health-related services. Others provide more comprehensive medical, as well as therapeutic services, which may include occupational, physical, or speech therapy. It could also include medical services given by a registered nurse or other healthcare professionals. And finally, the third type of adult day facility offers specialized services to adults with specific health conditions like dementia.

While different facilities may offer various features, most of them provide these services.

  • Personal care
  • Nutrition
  • Social Activities
  • Health Services
  • Transportation

Some facilities may also provide counseling and support groups for caregivers, as well as caregiving education and care planning help.

Concluding Thoughts

Even if you’ve had adult foster care training, caring for a loved one can really take its toll. Adult day facilities help lighten the burden by giving you a few hours each day to catch up with your life. So, in a sense, adult day service does not just benefit the one attending it, but also the primary caregiver of the family.

If you feel like you’re drowning with all your responsibilities as the primary caregiver, FSL will lighten the load with our adult day care program in Phoenix, AZ. Contact us for more information.

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