FSL Adult Foster Care Offers Comfort
and Stability for Arizonans

Adult foster care enables individuals to live in a home setting when they can no longer live on their own.

Residents get assistance with daily living, including health care related services. Each resident is considered a participating family member in the home dynamic and benefits from the community feel, while still being able to maintain a level of independence.

The Maricopa County Adult Foster Care Home program provides a nurturing residential environment.

The owners/providers of Adult Foster Care home services are professionally trained Certified Caregivers who can provide all levels of care for their residents. We also use outside service agencies such as hospice care when needed. Our goal is to offer a compatible licensed adult foster care home to each individual who can benefit from family care, and to help our residents retain their independence for as long as possible.

Benefits of FSL’s Adult Foster Care

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Should you be interested in applying to become an AFC home provider yourself, or if you have questions about our current AFC providers and their services, please contact us at 602-285-1800. We are proud to have served Arizonans for over 40 years.