Alan & Donna’s Thanksgiving Gift

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You work hard … You prepare well … You plan to spend your golden years in a place you love….

But it doesn’t always turn out exactly as you dreamed.

Alan and Donna can tell you what it’s like.

They lived and worked in the tumult of Las Vegas, but that’s not where they wanted to end up. They had a vision of retiring to beautiful, peaceful Wickenburg.

But after they relocated, medical issues cropped up. And Donna’s Social Security was all they had to live on. And their rent went up each year. Money got tighter and tighter. And then, even tighter.

It was getting harder to pay the bills, and still keep food on the table.

They never thought they’d be in this position … but the day came when they had to face facts: They needed help.

And here’s what they discovered:

Wickenburg is more than just beautiful to look at.
Wickenburg has a beautiful heart.
Because of friends like you.

Alan and Donna discovered that they could turn to the Wise Owl Senior Center for exactly the kind of assistance they needed most.

With the generous support of folks all over the area, we were there for Alan and Donna … providing a monthly food box, and fresh fruits and vegetables from our produce truck … even occasional help with their APS bill through our discount program.

You may think of chicken as “ordinary,” but for Alan, it’s the best … his favorite food in the box! (Donna is more of a canned corn fan.)

Wise Owl has helped this couple bridge the gap. “Heaven sent,” Donna says, “it truly is!” They visit our center on N. Washington St. three times a month or so. It’s become a highlight of their lives, socializing with other seniors, exchanging life stories. “Everyone is going through something,” Alan observes. “We all need help in one aspect of our lives or another.”

And now, with Thanksgiving approaching, we’ll include turkey and potatoes in the monthly food box.

But Alan and Donna aren’t just on the receiving end of Wise Owl’s work. They’re giving back, too. They’ve donated items to the center. And when they meet people in need, they direct them to Wise Owl. They point people here with confidence, knowing that a newcomer is always welcomed warmly by our dedicated workers. “Everyone is great!” Alan says.

Today, Alan and Donna have their lives on track. Their health has never been better — physically and mentally. “I’m so thankful for Wise Owl Senior Center,” Donna says, “their lovely staff and members of our community that make it home.”

And I’m thankful for caring friends who have supported this work so generously, since we began back in 1974. Would you please help too, with a special Thanksgiving donation today?

An enormous number of seniors here in Arizona live at or below the federal poverty line. They need a friend like you. You can’t be there in person for every one of them. But through your gift to Wise Owl today, you can be there for seniors in need, offering help in so many real and practical ways:
– 115 food boxes a month, and 45 tons of food a year through our mobile food pantry
– 11,000 lunches a year served in our dining room, plus 11,000 delivered to homes
– Free Safeway leftovers given away: up to 5,000 pounds of food every month
– Transportation … shelter … help with rent and utilities and gas … connections to desperately needed services … and more.

Your gift will help us keep up the good work … restoring the joy of life to folks who find themselves in need.

And on Thanksgiving Day, as you celebrate the blessings of life with your own loved ones, you’ll have the joy of knowing that someone else is giving thanks as well, because of the help you provided, through your support of Wise Owl Senior Center. I look forward to hearing from you soon. And I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

P.S. Your gift today can be claimed as an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit on your 2019 taxes — up to $400 filing singly, $800 if married filing jointly. In other words, you can give “for free.” So please be as generous as possible. Thanks again!

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