FSL Operates High-Ranking Assisted
Group Living Homes in Arizona

It is often difficult for those who need extended care to get adequate support from either large assisted living facilities or with family members who have many demands on their time. Assisted group living benefits a variety of adults who struggle with mental health issues, as they can receive more personalized care from qualified professionals.

The assisted group living program through FSL operates homes throughout the

Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our program has received wide recognition as a model of exceptional community care. All of our residential behavioral health facilities are state-licensed, and each home has a team of trained professionals who offer behavioral health and medical services to their residents. Additionally, all staff are certified caregivers who are trained in delivering behavioral health and personal care needs.

FSL’s Assisted Group Living Services

  • Planned, structured and coordinated therapeutic activities
  • Behavioral health management
  • Nursing oversight
  • On-call clinical team
  • Transportation for appointments and therapeutic activities
  • Assistance with self-medication program
  • Life skills training/Independent living program
  • Participation in licensed Adult Day Health Services program
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Individual/Family/Group counseling
  • Personal Care Services

For more information on our assisted group living program in Maricopa County, contact us at 602.285.1800. We’re also available to answer questions about any of our

other programs, including how our volunteers and donors help make FSL one of the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in Arizona.