Before Becoming a Foster Parent for Adults

Before Becoming a Foster Parent for Adults

Before you open up your home by becoming a foster parent for FSL’s Adult Foster Care clients, there are a few key aspects you should put into consideration. While the job is rewarding in its own ways, making sure you stay on top of the process is extremely important.

What is Adult Foster Care?

Providing adult foster care in your own home allows you as a care provider to supervise and care for adults who cannot live independently, whether it be due to a mental condition or their physical condition. While adult foster care homes accept people over the age of 18, they can sometimes accept residents who may be as young as 16 years of age, depending on whether or not the resident meets the home’s requirements.

What Type of Fostering Do You Want?

You can work for an adult foster care home or provide other types of foster care. There are several types of care such as short-term and long-term as well as emergency care. Short break care and support care are some of the other types of fostering that you may want to explore as well. Decide which kind of fostering is a good match for your skills and are aligned with your future plans, professional goals, and career growth.

Adult Foster Care Home Process

  1. Obtain Caregiver Certification from
    an Arizona Board of Nursing Care
    Institution Administrators (NCIA) and
    Assisted Living Facility Board approved
    Training Program here
  2. File an application with FSL to become a
    home provider by calling 602-285-1800
    and receive a “Letter of Intent to Contract.”
  3. File an application for license with
    Arizona Department of Health Services
    (ADHS) online.
  4. Obtain an Arizona Department of Health
    Services License to operate as an Adult
    Foster Care home.

What Qualifications Should You Have?

For many adult foster care homes, the qualifications for caregivers include the ability to respond appropriately to emergency situations. That’s a must. You need training to ensure you’ll know how to handle these cases if and when they happen. Keep in mind that you’ll be tasked with looking after the health and care of the residents. That means you also need to be in tip-top shape. Your physical health and mental health will be a factor in your application. Having sound judgment and good personal character will also help you ease into your new caregiving role.

How Do You Start?

The first thing you should do if you have any questions and/or concerns is contact FSL, before you move forward and start the process. Meet with FSL’s Adult Foster Care team; become familiar with their processes and procedures and be sure to nail down all proper channels you will need to be in contact with. Once you have conducted your own research, have become comfortable and passionate about your decision, starting the process to become a home sponsor is just the beginning.

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