Bill and Betty’s Success Story

BillBettys Success

All it takes is a moment. A blink. And everything changes. One unfortunate accident and your life, and your families are suddenly and permanently altered. Your habits, schedules and your comfortable routines come to a shuddering halt, and all that is left to do is rebuild.

Bill and Betty found themselves in this position a few years ago after Bill was involved in an unforeseeable accident that left him completely dependent on a ventilator. He was in and out of the hospital due to complicated care needs, and the family had lost all sense of normalcy. Their days were filled with trips to the hospital, doctors’ appointments, and frequent stays in skilled nursing facilities, away from their support system of family and friends.

Betty quickly became a dedicated caregiver to her husband, committing countless hours to ensuring his comfort and health. In a situation where it is so easy to lose hope, Bill and Betty remained positive. Betty believed that Bill would one day be able to enjoy the comforts of the home they built together, and receive the care he needed while surround by a strong support system. This hope for a sense of familiarity brought her to FSL and our skilled team of nurses.

Since 1984, our state-licensed, Medicare-certified home health agency has been providing quality, compassionate care at home, which is just where Bill wanted to be. Under the supervision of his physicians, he and his family worked alongside FSL’s skilled nursing staff to develop a care plan that was customized to fit their needs and give Bill the highest quality life.

Since 2013, Bill has been receiving hourly nursing care from our professional and dedicated staff. His skilled nursing team have been able to identify problems early on and treat them, avoiding lengthy hospital stays and more time away from family and friends. Bill has been able to remain at home with stable health thanks to the care he receives. Having nursing staff in the home has also allowed Betty to go out and run errands with peace of mind, knowing that her husband is well taken-care-of.

BillBettys Success
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