Receive Individualized Care With Care By Design

The Care By Design program coordinates a customized care program to meet the unique needs of current FSL clients. We’ve been providing safe and quality homes for seniors in Arizona since 1974 and over the years we’ve noticed a few missed opportunities. With our Care by Design program, we will close the gap between your unique needs and our services, so you and everyone in our care will have the best support possible.

Eliminating Missed Opportunities

We believe you deserve continuous access to the care you need no matter where or when you entered the FSL service spectrum. We offer both community-based and in-home services designed to improve living quality for:

If we do not directly offer the services you need, we will help you connect with appropriate facilities and professionals who will provide excellent individualized care for you.


A Brief Overview of Our Care By Design Program

Of course, the heart of our Care by Design program is providing excellent care for our program members. Through this coordinated care program, all FSL clients will experience:

We believe we can create a program capable of meeting the needs of a wide variety of clients.

Private Care Management

Do you or a loved one have unique needs that require individualized solutions? Private Care Management is a personalized service which supports family caregivers while ensuring that care needs are being met. Acting as a liaison to the family, near or far, private care managers can be the voice of long-distance caregivers. Monthly reports can be provided to all members of the care team. Some of the ways we can help include:


Give Us a Call

Are all of your needs being met? If you are looking for professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs, our Care by Design program may be the perfect option for you. To learn more contact us by calling 602-285-1800.