FSL Caregiver House: Get the Support You Need

Caregivers are the unsung heroes of the medical community. We frequently hear about surgeons, chiropractors and even podiatrists, but many caregivers go overlooked, except at FSL.

The only people who understand the need for quality caregivers more than we do are our clients. Without the dedicated care from family members and professionals alike, many of our clients wouldn’t enjoy the high quality of living they currently have. This is why at FSL we focus on caregivers as well as our clients. From resources to educational programs, we aim to provide care for our caregivers.

FSL Caregiver House: A Place for Growth

Our FSL Caregiver House is located in central Phoenix, on the grounds of our corporate office. This training facility and demonstration site holds access to a wealth of helpful resources for family and professional caregivers. At the FSL Caregiver House, caregivers will find:

With all of our program elements, we aim to promote the well-being and independence of those taking care of themselves and/or others.


Call to Learn More About Our Programs

At the FSL Caregiver House, we are happy to give you a free tour or demonstration of our equipment. Plus, you can even start identifying useful resources for yourself and those you care for. Would you like to schedule your visit or learn more information about the services we offer caregivers? Give us a call at 602-285-1800 and speak with one of our certified professionals. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you started with the support you need.