CATCH-ing a Better Quality of Life

The CATCH Program is a collaboration between FSL Patient Care Advocate (PCA), St. Joseph's Internal Medicine Clinic (IMC), and community agencies to assist patients with accessing community resources to ensure medical and social needs are met. The primary goal of the CATCH Program is to lessen the use of emergency and inpatient services at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center (SJHMC). CATCH is a 90-day program used to educate and empower patients of SJHMC IMC.

Our CATCH Program Components

How will our CATCH program help you improve management of your chronic disease and improve your quality of living? To start, our program will include the following components:

Home Visits

CATCH PCA can visit the patient’s home to review medical objectives and other social and environmental factors that impede progress toward achieving PCP recommended medical objectives. An IMC Resident may also attend the home visit to offer limited medical advice as needed. Home visits should not replace regular clinic appointments. 

Phone Calls

CATCH PCA will conduct telephone check-ins to ensure that all needs are being met. Phone calls should not replace regular clinic appointments. 


Community Resource Referrals

CATCH PCA will assess needs and get patients connection to community resources such as:

CATCH services are at no cost to patients of SJHMC Internal Medicine Clinic.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

If you are interested in enrolling in CATCH, please give our PCA a call at 480-670-4979 or send an email to Our trained professionals will be happy to help you get started enrollment.