Cathy Knows she can Count on FSL this Thanksgiving!

Cathy Langley scaled

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but for many, this year will be different from Thanksgivings past.  As we begin to see the number of coronavirus cases rise again, we know that fewer people will travel to spend the day with family, and the gatherings that will take place may be smaller in order to ensure social distancing.  Nevertheless, Cathy, a senior with disabilities who cannot stand long enough to cook a meal and who cannot drive to be with family, is looking forward to Thanksgiving.  Why?  Because she knows she can count on FSL to provide a hot, delicious meal.

Cathy and her husband cared for each other for years as their health declined.  During this time, meal preparation rarely made the top of the priorities list and they often ate cold sandwiches for dinner.  After he passed away, Cathy found herself in the hospital where a social worker told her about FSL’s home-delivered meals program.  At first, she was hesitant to accept the help as she expected the meals to be frozen and bland but she was pleasantly surprised to learn that every meal is freshly made and delivered hot.

 “When Walter, the delivery man comes, he’s just a ray of sunshine!” says Cathy.  “Walter is the only person I see most days.  He brings my meal right up to the door and we have a nice chat while he’s here.”

Seniors like Cathy depend upon FSL.  In addition to the meals program, we have also provided Cathy with a cane, a walker, and grab bars throughout her home.  With heartfelt support from caring people like you, we are able to provide nutritious food and other essentials to ensure that all seniors in our community have what they need this holiday season, even in the midst of a pandemic!

“It’s been a blessing knowing that I at least get that one meal and that I can go to bed with a full stomach instead of being hungry.  And I know that if anything goes wrong, I have that one thing that I can count on,” explains Cathy.

Not everyone can fend for him or herself and we know that seniors can be the most vulnerable. Your gift to FSL today will span the care gap, providing home-delivered meals and much more. You will make Thanksgiving a day of joy for someone like Cathy.

All donations to FSL qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, so your gift today can be claimed as a credit on your 2020 state taxes – up to $400 for an individual or $800 if married and filing jointly.

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