Client Feature: The Heart of Wickenburg


The Wickenburg Senior Center operates as the very heart of the small Arizonan town. With offerings like socialization and recreation, the center also provides even more essential components, such as meals and transportation. One Wickenburg resident proudly shares her gratitude for the program.

Judy is a jovial Wickenburg resident with a dynamite sense of humor. Like many seniors, she lives alone and shared that she doesn’t have many friends and family members. Judy has a dog and a parakeet, Cody and Green, respectively. Otherwise, she often found herself alone. Battling an onset of depression, she first sought out the Wickenburg Senior Center for meals to break up the isolation she was feeling. However, she was hit with another debacle. How was she to get there? Judy has no vehicle and although she is able to walk independently, a trek by foot to the center was just not feasible. The resolution was easier than she could have ever imagined. She was introduced to the amazing transportation program at the Wickenburg Center. The Freedom Express. The life-changing, cost-free transport service picks Judy up each day and safely returns her to her home.

With her transportation issues resolved, Judy began attending the Wickenburg Senior Center and partaking in the meal program.

“My favorites are the fried chicken, meatloaf, green beans and corn.” she shares, playfully, noting that she loves food. Judy takes full advantage of the mealtimes as they a direct alleviation to the loneliness and isolation she was feeling at home alone. Dining with others allows her to socialize while getting her fill of delicious meals.

When she is not enjoining the nutritious meals, Judy loves to participate in the numerous activities the center offers. With shooting pool at the top of her list, she enthusiastically runs down the myriad choices she has when she attends. Bingo, parties, board games and art were just some that she emphasized. She went on to detail how the staff accommodates her when she is in the mood for certain activities or simply wants to “hang out”.

“I would be [there] all the time, if I could,” she said through a chuckle. “I love being here with staff, like Leslie.”

Judy has been attending the center five years, following the glowing program from one location to the new more spacious one. She spiritedly proclaims that the program gets her away from home and gives her somewhere fun to be. The drivers are ‘sweet and helpful’, the food is delicious, and the activities provide engagement she would otherwise not have access to. Thanks to the dedicated staff at the Wickenburg Senior Center and their beautiful hearts, Judy no longer combats depression. She is ever grateful to FSL and the staff.

“There is nowhere you can go and get treated any better than here!” – Judy

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