December is National Car Donation Month

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December is National Car Donation Month – a friendly reminder to those in the giving spirit that there is more than one way to donate to their favorite charitable organizations, without having to open their checkbooks. In the U.S., nearly 800,000 vehicles are donated each year, with the most donations occurring during the month of December. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, mobile homes, trailers, and even boats are all eligible vehicles for donation. With help from CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services), your donation to FSL is a fast, easy and efficient process! Scheduling vehicle donations can be done by visiting their website or by calling them toll-free at 855-500-RIDE (7433).

Here’s how the process of donating your vehicle works:

  1. Choose “Foundation for Senior Living” as your organization of choice for your donation. CARS currently partners with over 3,500 non-profits and charities throughout the U.S. and Canada, to ensure the proceeds from your vehicle sale help us continue to make an impact in the lives of those in our community, be sure to select Foundation for Senior Living during the donation process.
  1. Fill in contact and vehicle information, as well as vehicle location. You will be asked to fill in your personal contact information, in case CARS needs further information regarding your donation. Vehicle information such as make, model, year, color and other specifications are also to be specified to ensure the correct vehicle is picked up. Lastly, you will include the current location of the vehicle for pick-up purposes.
  1. Submit your donation application by the click of a button! Once all necessary information is provided, you are now ready to finalize your donation! In some instances, CARS is able to pick up your vehicle on the same day of your request, in other cases CARS will contact you within 2-3 business days. Once you have scheduled your vehicle’s pick-up time and location, a licensed tow company will meet you at the vehicle’s current location and taken to the closest CARS’ sale location. The entire process associates no cost to you as the donor. At time of pick-up, a donation receipt will be provided to you for tax purposes.

What Happens Once Your Car is Sold?

Initially, once your vehicle is picked up it will be taken to the nearest CARS’ sales location for evaluation. If there are any minor or major mechanical repairs, which are determined to be cost effective before selling, CARS becomes the responsible party for those repairs. Majority of vehicles are sold using auction homes, although there are some special instances where an alternative option is made.

Who is CARS?

What started as an additional funding source for the programs and services of Jewish Family Services, soon began to accept vehicle donations to help raise extra revenue for other non-profits. CARS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in San Diego, California was founded in 2003 and holds true to its core value that its partner’s donors will always be the most important key to their success. Their core values for both donors and partners solely revolves around gratitude, and they ensure exceptional customer service for all donor engagements.

How You Can Help!

Get in the spirit this holiday season by donating a vehicle! Donate your used car to FSL today and we’ll use it to change lives, whether it is running or not. Remember, all car donations are tax deductible and a donation receipt will be provided to you, no matter the value of the vehicle. To learn more about the vehicle donation process, visit the CARS website.

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