Donate Your Land. Help Your Community

Donating Real Estate is Simpler than Ever with FSL

Tell us about your property

Do you have buildings and/or vacant land that you would like to donate to FSL?  Contact us today to discuss the details of your possible donation.  Please be sure to have all of the property details handy, including property address and owner, type of property and acreage and/or square footage.

Please contact FSL’s Chief of Community Engagement, Megan Word, at (602) 285-1800 or by email to to discuss your land donation details.

Working Together

We will run a standard review on the property, including title, tax, and liens searches to determine if FSL can accept your property.  If we can accept your gift of property, we will work with you on the closing documents, deed work and recording, and necessary notifications to complete the transfer. We will take over all taxes, maintenance and insurance responsibilities, and send you a tax-deductible receipt at the completion of the transfer.