Jamboree of Joy @ Rio Vista Recreation Center, Peoria

Jamboree of Joy

Jamboree of Joy Flyer

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A Gathering of Those Who Care for Their Loved Ones

Family Caregivers, or Care Partners, provide 87% of care in America. Family caregivers/care partners are defined as someone who helps a loved one with one or more routine activities of everyday life, usually without pay. Often the role of caregiver leads to poor health outcomes for the caregivers themselves. Studies indicate that 1 in 5 caregivers experience higher levels of physical strain, and 2 in 5 find caregiving to be emotionally stressful (AARP, Caregiving in the U.S, 2015). In fact, for those who provide higher hours of caregiving, 53% report higher levels of emotional stress.

FSL (Foundation for Senior Living) presents an event focused on family care partners’ achieving and maintaining emotional fitness. Being self-compassionate is the foundation of self-care and emotional health. The Jamboree of Joy celebrates caregivers with enlightening and motivational speakers, interactivity, movement, sound, and introspection. The activities incorporated throughout the event will assist participants with:

  • reflecting on giving themselves credit for the tough work they do,
  • recognizing their resiliency,
  • moving away from the negative self-talk, and
  • practicing “Me Time”

Sample Event Schedule & Sessions
9:00-9:30   Check-in, refreshments, morning mixer
9:30-9:45   Welcome, Overview & Introductions
9:45-11:00   Opening Session: Self-Compassion/Self-Care 11:00-11:15   Break & Transition to Lunch
11:15-12:00   Lunch with interactive musical and movement acts (e.g., Harpist; Gentle Drumming)
12:00-1:00   Concurrent Break Out Sessions

  • Celebrating Your Resilience Through Reflection
  • Telling our Own Stories: Faith, Trust, and a Pinch of Fairy Dust
  • A Voyager’s Relic: Crafting Your Personal Artifact

1:15-1:45 Ending Session: Laughter Circle-The Ha-Ha Spa

1:45-2:00   Door Prizes

This no cost extravaganza is possible through the generous sponsorship of AARP Arizona.

For help with Respite Care, please see this list:


or contact the Arizona Caregiver Coalition: ACC Flyer