Excessive Heat and Seniors

execessive heat

The hot Arizona summer temperatures are back and FSL knows seniors are at an evaluated risk for heat illnesses, dehydration and even death. Elderly individuals aged 65 and older are more susceptible to heat exhaustion because their bodies are not able to adjust quickly to sudden changes in temperature.

How to prevent heat exhaustion for seniors:
• Stay hydrated
• Stay indoors during peak hours of sun
• Decrease exertion
• Wear proper clothing and sunscreen if you are outdoors
• Be careful of diuretics – If you are taking diuretics you are at an even higher risk for heat stroke. Drink even more water than usual and decrease caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

FSL wellness checklist:
• Have a friend or neighbor check on you twice each day.
• Have a method for others to enter your home in the event of an emergency.
• Keep emergency phone numbers, medication and other pertinent information in an easy-to-located place.
• Carry a cell phone or know the location of a telephone at all times.
• Make plans to go to a cooling shelter on the hottest days.
• Use cooling aids whenever possible: towels, bottles of water, pan for water, skin protection, hat

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