Family Caregiver Education

FSL is Serving the Servants.

What is a “Family Caregiver”?

Simply put, a caregiver helps another individual with their needs, responsibilities, or activities of daily living. Care can be long-term and spread over several years or short-term, given in time of illness or injury. Family caregivers can be relatives, friends, or neighbors who support loved ones through informal, unpaid care.

Approximately 87% of Americans receive necessary assistance from informal or family caregivers.


Why Education?

Unfortunately, people are often thrust into the role of caregiver when a loved one is disabled, falls ill, or experiences issues related to aging. And they rarely have the proper knowledge of resources that can help.

According to AARP, 58% of family caregivers must balance work with their caregiving role. Further, AARP estimates that U.S. businesses lose up to $33.6 billion per year in lost productivity from full-time caregiving employees. These losses could be due to employees’ need to provide transportation to medical appointments, make health care arrangements, or communicate with health professionals.

To equip caregivers for a role they were potentially unprepared for, FSL has created six FREE courses that thoroughly explore topics critical to caregiving.

So How Does It Work?

We connect with community members who are looking for
resources for the caregivers they know or serve.

These Courses Are Completely Free!

What We do:

We provide the educational
course materials and an expert
educator who will teach and
 facilitate the course.


Who Usually Hosts Courses:

  • Congregation members who believe their community could benefit from an educational program for caregivers.
  • Employers who invest in the wellness of their employees and need more information on resources for family caregivers.
  • Community groups or organizations who need information and support for their members.

What You Do:

Solidify an attendee list
of current and future family caregivers, coordinate time and place, and host the event.


What About You?

You care for others, but who cares for you?
Learn More


Are You Dementia-Friendly?

This training from the Dementia-Friendly America National Network will ensure that you are!
Learn More


Everyone Needs Long-Term Care.

Let us demystify it for you.
Learn More


Gravity. Don’t Let It Win!

How to prevent falls and common, related injuries to children and older adults.
Learn More


Avoid Fraud, Scams & Abuse

Protect yourself, your assets, & your family!
Learn More


Should I Age in Place or Look for Other Options?

Learn how to find what’s right for you!
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Free Educational Resources


Tip Sheets

A variety of printable one page informational tip sheets to assist informal caregiving partners


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Short introductory videos on aging-related topics