Foster Care: Not Just For Children


When we hear the term ‘foster care,’ we may automatically think of foster care for children. And, while that is the most common form of foster care, it is not just for children. In our communities, there is a growing need for adult foster care.

In AZ, adult foster care can be provided by homeowners who are certified caregivers, and who’s homes are licensed by the state to provide care for up to four residents in their homes. The foster care home owner must remain living in the home and is the main caregiver of those residing under their roof.

Adult foster care provides an alternative to adults and older adults who want to benefit from a family environment without having to live in an overwhelming and often impersonal larger facility. Adult foster care provides a community-like setting for individuals who either cannot or prefer not to live at home alone due to advanced age, health issues, or personal preferences.

The Benefits of Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care homes are regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services, who conduct regular site inspections and respond to any complaints. The owner or owner / manager of a licensed adult foster home is CPR and First Aid certified, and he or she will also be trained as a certified caregiver by AZ Board of Nursing home Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers’ approved training program to provide the specific services and carry out the responsibilities associated with adult foster care. Be assured that seniors who choose adult foster care are in good hands!

Adult foster care provides for supervisory, personal and directed care and assistance in the day-to-day activities. Some of these benefits are:

· Assistance in activities of daily living (ADL) such as showers, grooming and feeding

· Help to take part in activities in the home and in the community

· Meal preparation

· Assistance and administration of medication

· Assistance in finding additional health care services as needed

In addition to the care provided for seniors living in a home environment, there are also specialized Adult Day Care Services and Senior Centers for older adults

Centers for Seniors

Centers for seniors are an excellent way for those in adult foster care and those living in the community to get the chance to spend time and socialize with others in a similar situation. In fact, these centers are the most widely used services among seniors in AZ. They provide many benefits to those using them.

These centers can provide a wide range of services that can help both the senior being cared for and his/her relatives. Some of the benefits and activities that can be enjoyed in a senior center are the following:

· Meals, where all can enjoy companionship

· Various educational and recreational programs

· Contacts for community services

· Assistance with transportation

Many studies show that seniors who take part in the programs and activities run by adult day care programs and senior centers have a much higher level of life satisfaction. The social activities can also help maintain a level of emotional well-being.

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