FSL Featured in the June issue of Mom Nation


The Importance of Caregiver Awareness

Our FSL Caregiver Program had the pleasure of being mentioned by Mom Nation in their caregiver awareness article in June. The article covered several topics like navigating mental health during and after the COVID pandemic and the increasing isolation of people over the age of 65. It also provided a short list of tips and tricks to help caregivers stay mentally and physically healthy. You can read the full article from Mom Nation here

At FSL, we take pride in our extensive caregiver program. As Mom Nation describes, the COVID pandemic thrust many people into a caregiver role for the first time. Many had little to no experience caring for someone in that capacity. Most of these new caregivers were juggling this task while working full time and taking care of their own lives. That’s why we offer caregiver support and caregiver education.

Avoiding Burnout and Dealing with Dementia

Based on our nearly 50 years in the business of community-based health and wellness programs., we have created a five-part educational series on caregiving. The five topics we offer are each vital in becoming a better caregiver. The first topic is all about you, the caregiver. We’ve noticed in recent years that there’s an escalating trend of caregivers burning out and getting injured while under the stress of caring for a loved one. In this seminar, we help you identify the early signs of self-neglect. Finally, we’ll teach you to eliminate fatigue and avoid getting burnt out in the future.

Our next segment comes directly from the Dementia-Friendly America National Network. Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in America. Additionally, Arizona has the second-highest rate of Alzheimer’s in the country. Our dementia workshop covers what dementia is and the early warning signs. We then go over how to create an environment friendly to those diagnosed with it.

Navigating Long-Term Care and Avoiding Scams

Long-term care can be complex and ever-changing. Trying to understand what resources and services are out there and which ones are needed can be complicated and confusing. Factor in all the costs and how you pay for everything, and it quickly becomes overwhelming. Our long-term care workshop has been designed specifically to help ease you and your loved ones into such a transition. FSL will make sure you are as equipped as possible to create the best system of resources for your unique living needs.

The last two segments cover how to prevent falls and common injuries for older adults and then go over how to avoid the many frauds and scams that many seniors fall victim to in both the digital and interpersonal world. All five parts will help prepare you for all the challenges you may face in your new role or current role as a caregiver.

Nydia Montijo, FSL’s Outreach Coordinator, has addressed health and human issues for over 40 years. She is passionate about caregiving and is excited to share with you all the lessons she’s learned in her long career teaching self-advocacy. Nydia assures all caregivers that “You are not alone. Many resources exist that will make you a better Caregiver”

Learn more about our Caregiver Resources and Caregiver Education Program!

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