Barbara’s Story: FSL is Home

Barbara and Toes, the Chihuahua

Barbara and her dog, Toes, moved from Florida to Arizona in search of an affordable place to call home.

After caring for the needs of others for 25 years, retired nurse, Barbara, was ready for a change. When she received her first retirement check, she left Florida for Arizona and never looked back. Carrying a single suitcase, she crossed our state line looking to start a new chapter of life.

“It wasn’t planned,” admits Barbara. “Healthcare was changing, not for the good, and I didn’t want to do it anymore. I really wanted something different; I was burned out.”

She wasn’t here long before a new friend told her about FSL – and she found exactly what she was looking for.


Barbara wasn’t looking for much, just someplace she could afford to call home on her fixed income. If she had enough left over for some furniture and groceries each month, then that would be perfect. When she signed up for an apartment at our new Marist location in downtown Tucson, she got so much more.


“It’s so beautiful! I’m so lucky to be here; everyone is friendly. There was a Festival last  weekend and everyone greets each other. My apartment is beautiful and just what I was looking for. It’s close to buses, there’s a streetcar out front. Everything is so close! I get my vegetables and bread from the on-site food pantry, and FSL has a van to help with the other groceries! I love that I don’t have a car; I don’t need one!”

It’s so good, Barbara says, she has to pinch herself. She loves the potlucks every month where they share food, experiences, memories and family life.

“The best part is the conversation pit outside. You can sit and have a conversation with other residents or watch the traffic driving by. I feel safe and secure even though I’m downtown. There’s plenty of lighting and good sidewalks, I have no issue taking Toes outside, even in the middle of the night!”

Home is where you feel safe, where you know you have people you can count on. Today, Barbara is home at FSL.

Housing in Crisis

FSL is working hard to provide homes in tough economic times

The fact is our country is in the middle of a housing crisis. This isn’t just an issue for states like California and New York; Arizona is currently ranked third worst in our nation for affordable housing. We are working hard to shine a light on this critical problem.

We recently completed the construction of three affordable housing communities, adding more than 100 new units to Arizona’s housing stock, and bringing our total current affordable rental units to 997 statewide.  We have a new affordable rental community in the early stages of construction in Northern Arizona.  And, we have new single-family home ownership programs in the pipeline.  Learn more here:


Your donations to FSL provide vital programs like ReCreación to more than 35,000 Arizonans each and every year.

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