FSL Real Estate Team Delivers Refrigerators and Freezers to Housing Communities

Fridge 3 scaled

Last week, the FSL Real Estate team provided 4,800 pounds of non-perishable dry goods to each property’s food pantry, to ensure residents don’t go without during this pandemic. FSL’s properties serve families, people with disabilities, and one of the largest at-risk populations to the Coronavirus – seniors. In providing this source of food, it allows residents to limit the amount of trips they make to the grocery stores, where they put themselves at risk of exposure to the virus.

While the residents were extremely grateful for the donation, they still needed access to perishable food sources like meats and dairy. The problem was that the food pantries had limited storage for refrigerated items, FSL was able to provide refrigerators and freezers for those with that need. In addition, local food banks are stepping in by donating food to help fill the new refrigerators. As always, ensuring the health and welfare of FSL’s clients and residents is the mission that FSL upholds each and every day.  FSL will continue to maintain its mission through good times and bad, always keeping the need of its population at the core of its service.

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