FSL Supports Residents of its Affordable Housing Communities

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These uncertain times of self-isolation and physical distancing have affected every corner of the globe. The life we have always known has changed dramatically in the wake of COVID-19. With businesses closed down and grocery stores implementing strict distancing measures, even a simple trip to the grocery store can be a very stressful activity. And the grocery stores themselves have changed as well. There is low to no stock on many vital items that people need for everyday life. Because of this, most stores have implemented restrictions on the quantities of certain products that shoppers are able to buy.

Communities everywhere are feeling this pinch but our rural communities have been hit the hardest. For some of the smaller towns, there may only be one grocery store in the area. If stores are out of the items that people need, those people find themselves traveling miles and miles to the next grocery store with no guarantee of filling their refrigerators and pantries.

FSL is working to fill the gaps of some of these food shortages for the residents of all of its affordable housing communities through the state. The FSL Real Estate team was able to buy-in-bulk 4,800 pounds of essential non-perishable food items from a big box store. These items are being delivered to communities in Lake Havasu, Holbrook, Williams, Payson, Coolidge, Yuma, and everywhere in-between. Items like canned beans, canned meats, soups, juices, water and cereal are being delivered directly to the communities’ food pantries so that all residents have the food they need. It is vital during these times to ensure the safety and well-being of our valued residents. Due to their age, they are at a higher risk than the rest of the population and by stocking the shelves of the properties’ food pantries, FSL has helped to reduce the number of times the residents have to leave the house to buy food. As always, FSL’s main priority is the health and safety of the people we serve.

Should you or your company want to support our efforts to ensure seniors and adults with disabilities have access to food and basic necessities during COVID-19, please contact Megan Word, chief of community engagement at mword@fsl.org.

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