FSL Transportation Services in Wickenburg


Transportation Services in Wickenburg

Transportation is an often-overlooked barrier for seniors and people with disabilities. Impairments that make operating a car impossible or lack of access to a personal vehicle force many individuals to rely on caregivers or public transportation to go to appointments or run errands.

But even these alternative methods aren’t always serviceable. For example, many caregivers work during business hours, when doctors’ appointments are typically scheduled. Further, for individuals with physical or mental disabilities, utilizing public transportation, like buses, is difficult.

Transportation Makes a Difference

For people in this situation, a lack of transportation isn’t just inconvenient—it can potentially have a severe impact on their health and quality of life. For individuals with chronic or complex health issues, missing healthcare appointments can have serious consequences. Additionally, some seniors and people with disabilities rely on senior centers or adult day care centers for meals and social interaction. Not being able to access those resources can lead to malnutrition and depression. 

The FSL Solution

In Arizona, this problem is particularly pronounced in places like Wickenburg, which is just far enough out of town to present problems for the people who live there. Until recently, the only way for seniors and individuals with disabilities to get into town was via taxi- an expensive option for anyone!

To improve accessibility and ensure that Wickenburg seniors’ medical, nutritional, and social needs are met, FSL offers transportation services for people in the area. Some clients use these services daily to take advantage of FSL’s meal or activity programs. Others use it temporarily while recovering from surgery or undergoing physical therapy. Whatever the transport need, FSL is there to make sure seniors complete their errands safely!

How to Access FSL's Transportation Services in Wickenburg

If you are a resident of Wickenburg and have errands to do, grocery shopping to get done, or need a ride to the FSL Wickenburg senior center, then connect with us! We are ready to serve you.

Rides are available Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. We ask that clients schedule their pickup a day in advance.

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Donations Transport Seniors!

Transportation services are donation-based. If you would like to sponsor safe rides for seniors in the Wickenburg area, click below!

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