Full Circle During the Pandemic: Aundraale’s Story


When Covid erupted in 2020, there was no way to know that the effects of this global crisis would still be wreaking havoc in 2022. However, it is. Sadly, for many people, it has been a non-stop descent into darkness and hopelessness. With so many people in need and resources being stretched beyond limits, many do not know where to turn.

It was by happenstance that 54-year-old, Aundraale, stumbled onto the path of what she could only name an “angel”.…FSL. FSL and the people that move the needle forward everyday rescued her and she is eager to share her experience with the world.

The pandemic relentlessly struck Aundraale like bolts of lightning, despite the challenges she already faced pre-Covid. While she does live independently, Aundraale lives with schizophrenia and takes medication regularly to assist. Before the pandemic, she worked a regular job and proudly maintained her apartment. Like many, she lost her job when Covid hit and was left to survive on unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, the benefits could not reach far enough, and her mother offered additional support in the wake of her struggles. Her rent continued to fall behind as she did her best to make ends meet. She was grateful that implementations and protections were in place that kept her from being homeless, but fear was still in the horizons because she simply did not have enough.

Even in this predicament, she did not lose hope and continued to truck along. But tragedy and hardship weren’t quite finished with Aundraale. She was notified that the eviction moratorium had expired, and she now faced losing her apartment. She’d also lost her mother and found herself crying every day with nowhere to turn.

It was one day, while in her leasing office, that she heard a neighbor discussing rental assistance and noticed a flyer they’d trashed. Aundraale retrieved the flyer and found FSL’s contact information. She followed the instructions on how to access services and patiently waited. Her wait was not long and was met with a phone call from Charise from FSL.

“She was the nicest person I have ever spoken to! She was very easy with me.” – Aundraale

With Charise’s support, Aundraale was able to gather all the necessary documentation and qualified for the financial assistance that helped her get her life back. Her back rent and utilities were paid current, and she received two months forward of rental assistance which gave her the cushion to find and begin a new job.

Aundraale plans to further her education in February 2022 in hopes of becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse, caring for older adults. She could not emphasize her gratitude for FSL enough and says that she will be forever grateful.

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