FSL Welcomes Governor Katie Hobbs at Housing and Human Services Roundtable in Flagstaff

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The meeting address housing insecurity challenges for the area and how organizations, including FSL, have worked to create change

On Friday, June 7, FSL (Foundation for Senior Living) hosted a roundtable discussion in Flagstaff, bringing together key government offices and community organizations, including Governor Katie Hobbs. The discussion looked at housing insecurity related challenges, how local organizations are rising to meet those challenges, and addressed how state investments have made a difference while providing valuable insights into how additional funding is needed.

“We are thankful for this opportunity to meet with Governor Hobbs to demonstrate the important work being done by FSL and other community organizations, and for the opportunity to explain how providing support for Flagstaff’s underserved residents can elevate the entire community,” said Tami Bohannon, president and CEO of FSL. “At FSL, we have set a goal to provide safe, affordable and energy-efficient housing to families and adults of all ages. We provide homes for 1,100 Arizonans in single-family, senior, and multi-family housing across the state.”

The hour-long meeting took place at FSL’s Flagstaff Senior Meadows community and included Governor Hobbs along with members of Arizona’s Department of Economic Security and Department of Housing, and representatives from FSL, the city of Flagstaff, Coconino County, Catholic Charities Community Services, Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona, and Flagstaff Shelter Services.

Participants discussed the proposed costs and benefit of eviction prevention programs and improved access to community resources, onsite resident services including those that focus on physical, mental, and financial health, rental assistance and the current low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) and HOME max rent limits, and HB2815, a bill that streamlines the process to make it easier to build community with affordable rents on school and church property.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet with organizations in Flagstaff to discuss the challenges they’re facing when it comes to combating housing insecurity,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. “I’m inspired by their collaborative, passionate work to provide safe and affordable housing to communities, and committed to continue working hard to make life better for all Arizonans.”

The 2023 Homelessness in Arizona Annual Report estimated that 20 percent of Arizona’s renters are extremely low income, making $26,500 or less per year. This is less than half of the estimated annual income needed to afford a two-bedroom rental home at HUD’s Fair Market Rent of $62,252 annually, creating a shortage of available rental comes to Arizona’s lowest-income residents.

By comparison, the average senior income at FSL LIHTC/HOME properties is $15,000 per year. In alignment with its mission of making Arizona a safe place to age, FSL has 25 affordable housing properties across the state, including Flagstaff Senior Meadows, which opened in 2012 and contains 60 units for seniors aged 62 and older.

"I’m inspired by their collaborative, passionate work to provide safe and affordable housing to communities, and committed to continue working hard to make life better for all Arizonans.”
Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs
Housing & Human Services Roundtable

FSL Offers Affordable Housing Solutions Across Arizona

At FSL our goal is to provide safe, affordable and energy-efficient housing for families and individuals of all ages. FSL offers single-family homes for sale and affordable apartments for rent. If you or someone you know is looking to purchase an affordable single-family home or rent an affordably priced apartment, it is easy to get in touch with us through phone or email.

With organizations like FSL at the forefront, communities are empowered to thrive against all odds, transforming housing from brick and mortar into vibrant centers of hope and belonging. Looking for housing services in your area? Learn more at https://www.fsl.org/real-estate-services/

About FSL

Established in 1974, the Foundation for Senior Living is dedicated to providing integrated, customized care for those who need it in the Phoenix area. We offer a wide range of home- and community-based services, including:

All of these are designed to enable Arizonans of all ages to live happier, healthier, more independent lives. If you or someone you know is struggling to have their needs met, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you. And if you’re able, consider donating or volunteering your time to our mission. We can’t wait to work with you!

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