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How your support helps give families peace-of-mind

There is a question that haunts every family struggling with a case of mental illness – who will take care of that family member when parents/current caretakers no longer can?

Lynn struggled with that question for a long time, ever since her sister, Karen, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disease when she was 19.

“There were, of course, hospital stays to help combat her illness, but she was always able to return home to the loving arms of her family and to the safety of her own bedroom,” says Lynn.

For the care of a loved one, home is always the obvious first choice. But when the time comes and home is no longer an option, FSL provides families with a safe and reliable answer to that nagging question – we call it our Assisted Group Living Homes.

When her mother passed away in 2012, Lynn needed to find a solution for her sister. It needed to be a clean, secure, home away from home, operated by a professional and loving staff. She found what she was looking for at FSL.

“They [FSL] are caring, and they are looking out for my sister’s welfare,” says Lynn. “They are providing her with nutritious meals and I know they are always open to speaking with me about any concerns.  The current team under Toni Marie’s guidance is the best home away from home environment that Karen has EVER experienced. It truly puts my mind at ease.”

Karen has been a happy guest of our Assisted Group Living Home for six years. One of Karen’s favorite activities is cooking meals for the house. They often turn on music and dance and sing around the kitchen while they are making meals – just as many families do!

This level of care allows people like Karen to live in a family-like environment instead of an institution. In addition to providing personalized “home-like” care, assisted group living offers residents social benefits that are hard to find at home.

“Karen has built friendships here that provide her with a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning,” says Lynn. “I can honestly say that in all the years I have watched Karen navigate through multiple changes and multiple living conditions (some horrible), this is the first time I have seen her less reliant on me and finally settling in and feeling like she is at home at FSL.”

“I want to thank the FSL staff personally, Toni, Cassandra, Joel, Morgain, and Sara, you all truly feel like a second family to me,” says Karen.

At FSL we strive to give our clients the family comfort they deserve. Please consider making a donation today to support our Assisted Group Living Homes in their efforts to give clients like Karen a sense of belonging during difficult times.

Cassandra (left), a 9-year employee of FSL, along with Joel (one of the friendliest gentlemen you'll ever meet!) and Toni, House Manager.
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