Get A Little Help And Keep Your Independence

If you need home care, you’re probably fairly concerned with maintaining your independence while managing a high level of physical and emotional security. When daily tasks are challenging, it can be hard to keep your home exactly as you like it.

 Luckily, FSL Home Care services are just as dedicated to your independence as you are. Our clients receive individualized care plans designed to meet their specific needs. Plus we utilize flexible service schedules to make sure you have complete control. Get the services you need when you need them!

FSL Home Care Services

At FSL, you’ll find an experienced and motivated team of care professionals ready to offer you top quality care, every step of the way. We will tailor our services to meet your needs. Here are some of the services we offer:


Maintaining a house is a point of pride for many homeowners and renters alike. We won’t let your home fall into disrepair as we make sure the laundry, mopping and dusting get done.

Miscellaneous Chores

Maybe the oven needs to be cleaned or your winter clothes need to be stored. Leave the chores to us and we’ll leave the supervision to you.

Prescription Reminders

Sometimes, keeping up with your medications is tough whether you have one or multiple prescriptions. We’ll remind you to take your medications at the appropriate times just in case.

Respite for Caregivers and Companionship for you

Everyone needs a break sometimes – whether to run errands or just to clear their heads. We’ll ensure that your loved one is cared for and your house chores completed while you take that break you need and deserve!

About Caregivers

FSL employs its own caregivers and our administrator is a registered nurse. Our caregivers have a minimum of two years of experience and three references. To complete our screening process, the caregiver must:


Starting FSL Home Care Services

To start your home care services, you’ll just give us a call. We’ll make an appointment for one of our community care specialists to visit with you and help you determine your needs. Next, we’ll sit down with you and your health support team and develop a personalized care plan that addresses all of your needs and concerns.

Paying For FSL Home Care Services

While we will not set up automatic payments without your permission, we do require a credit card when you sign-on for the program. We will send you a monthly invoice prior to any payment due dates so you can review charges in advance.

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