How Faith Calls Us to Serve

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FSL doesn’t just stand for Foundation of Senior Living. It’s an acronym for Faith, Service, and Life. Originally established by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, faith is what drives us to serve. Caring about your fellow man means reaching out to those in need. The FSL organization is one of the best ways to reach out to our elderly brothers and sisters. There are a few ways in which organizations like FSL help the elderly community.

Safe Housing

FSL is committed to helping elderly individuals and couples with their living arrangements. Those that are better served in a group home are cared for as if they were the staff’s own relatives. Elderly individuals with behavioral or developmental problems can be properly cared for without having to leave their home, thanks to the program FSL offers.

Meal Delivery

When your loved one is home-bound, making sure they get a proper meal doesn’t have to be a problem. Meal delivery service is extended to hundreds of elderly residents throughout Arizona. You should never have to lose sleep over your loved one going hungry.

Caregiver Education

Ensuring that you are able to care for your loved one us important, and that is why FSL provides you with the education and support you need to support your loved one. Everyone deserves to maintain their independence for as long as possible, and this is true for you as much as it is for your elderly loved one.


Faith based care is all it takes to remind people that there is still compassion in this world. Caring for the elderly population is a noble and spiritual cause that almost everyone can get behind. Visit FSL for more information on how we can help your loved one.

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