How Home Care Assistance Can Offer Independence


“There’s no place like home.” Most, if not all of us, would always choose to stay in a home environment rather than move to a medical care facility if we need assistance or are feeling unwell. For many, as we age it becomes obvious that some arrangement for assisted living is necessary. If an aging parent or relative wants to continue living in a home environment, it’s important to find affordable housing for seniors where assisted living can be an option.

Because of specific medical needs, it may not always be possible to continue living in a person’s own home. However, that doesn’t mean that the senior parent needs to move to a medical facility. It is possible to find affordable, specially designed, housing where seniors can live. This can help seniors living in a home environment keep their independence while benefiting from assisted living care.

How Assisted Home Care Offers Independence

Probably the biggest benefit that assisted living offers is that a senior parent or relative can keep a measure of autonomy. This is also a very cost-effective way to care for someone who can no longer do everything that they used to.

In the home environment, trained staff can provide the practical care that they need. Therefore, seniors can benefit from the services that assisted living provides. Some of these are:

  • Preparing meals
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Companionship
  • Reminders about medication

The benefit of assisted living care is that it allows the person being cared for to take part in as much of the day-to-day home-based activities that he or she is accustomed to: caring for pets, tending houseplants or a small garden, and enjoying reading or watching television in a comfortable home environment.

Independence in Assisted Living Facilities

Even though a measure of care is required for seniors living in assisted living facilities, it doesn’t mean totally giving up all independence. Many seniors can still cook for themselves, participate in some recreational activities, drive their own car, or use the care facility’s transport services.

They can also enjoy the benefits of friendships with others who are in a similar situation regarding age, health, and circumstance. This can take a large weight of the mind of adult children who may be worried and concerned about the well-being of their senior parent.

All this is backed up by the care that the senior parent can receive if something unexpected does happen, or if they need some extra assistance.

Home care assistance is a wonderful opportunity for a senior to continue living in a home environment and still keep a measure of independence.

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