How to Choose Between Assisted Living, Home Health Care and More

If you have decided that your loved one can no longer live independently, it is probably time to start looking into hiring outside help. With so many options available it can be challenging to figure out what’s right for you and your family but in the end, seeking additional help will help ease the burden of caring for your loved one while making sure they are happy, healthy and safe. So, what options are out there in the world of senior living?

Home Health Care

If your loved one needs home care assistance with daily tasks they can no longer

complete themselves, then hiring a homecare giver might be the best route to take. This kind of service is best for those who still have some degree of independence and can remain living at home. Homecare givers can assist with things like grocery shopping, scheduling appointments, giving medications and helping with basic tasks like getting dressed, cooking or bathing. Some care givers can even assist with taking care of the client’s pet.

Assisted Living

This option might be appropriate if your loved one can still live an active and independent lifestyle but might need more attention than homecare offers. With assisted living, residents are provided with everything that they need to live comfortably and are close to certified and trained professionals at all times of the day, in case something were to happen. It is important to note though that assisted living facilities are not licensed to give medical nursing care.

Nursing Home

When your loved one is suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or has other medical conditions that need constant supervision then placing them into a nursing home might be the best solution for everyone. The biggest benefit you get with a nursing home when compared with an assisted living facility is that there are licensed medical staff on hand to give nursing care and that can respond to medical emergencies.

Adult Foster Care

Adult day health services like adult foster care offers a solution for your senior family members who can no longer live completely on their own but do not need much assistance in performing daily tasks. Moving your loved one into a foster care home will give them the chance to live an independent life while still being monitored by caregiving professionals. Adult foster care services are not the same as assisted living or nursing home care, however, your loved one will have access to medical healthcare if they need it.

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