Hunger Affects Seniors In Our Communities


Seniors everywhere face challenges. Aging isn’t easy! Health issues pop up, financial concerns arise, and bodies change. But there are two issues seniors should never have to face – hunger and substandard housing. This statistic from the Association of Arizona Foodbanks, however, is alarming:

1 in 7 seniors in Arizona live in poverty.

That’s grim news for many in our community. It means that some have trouble finding adequate housing. Some days it’s also difficult to find enough healthy food to eat. They need our help maintaining the quality and dignity of their lives.

Foundation for Senior Living is proud to provide comprehensive resources for seniors in need. Our services include caregiver and health education, wellness programs, respite care, healthcare,and safe, affordable and energy-efficient housing. We also provide nutritious meals through our food pantries and congregate and meal delivery programs. Our Care By Design (link to program provides consultative services to ensure seniors in our community are connected to the resources they need!

Your support is more important than ever. While the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities continue to rise, government programs continue to be reduced. Our mission is critical not only to the lives of our clients, but to those who love them as well. Your donation to FSL will ensure that we can help even more Arizonans in need. If you are interested in volunteering or hosting a food drive, please contact us (

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