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Promoting Independent Living and Retaining Independence

Did you know that 4.6% of adults in Arizona live with a serious mental illness (SMI)? For these individuals, housing is one of their biggest challenges, whether it’s due to financial issues, lifestyle limitations, or other factors. Additionally, for those who aren’t able to live independently or have just finished an inpatient or residential treatment program, housing options can be severely limited. 

What Is FSL’s Adult Behavioral Health Therapeutic Homes Program?

Often, people who live with SMI reach a point where they no longer require the intensive supervision of a residential treatment program but still aren’t quite ready to live on their own. The Adult Behavioral Health Therapeutic Homes (ABHTH) Program supplies an intermediate housing option for individuals in this position. Through this program, residents enjoy more freedom and autonomy in their lives, while still receiving supportive care and basic necessities. 

Who Does the ABHTH Program Serve?

ABHTH is a good fit for individuals who have succeeded in a residential treatment program and are ready to take the next step toward living independently. It’s also ideal for those who have been living independently but feel the need for a more supported living environment. 

Services are available to adults aged 18 and over who have an SMI, are Title XIX enrolled (or eligible), and are enrolled with a Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA).

What Does the ABHTH Program Include?

The ABHTH Program offers an effective balance of supportive care and freedom. Residents enjoy the following offerings:

  •  Independent living support that is culturally sensitive, individualized, and respectful
  •  Supervision and assistance with service plan goals
  •  Help with coordination of other forms of care
  •  Assistance with the self-administration of medications
  •  Meals and basic toiletries

Contact FSL Today to Learn More

The ABHTH Program currently has 18 enrolled residents and eight openings. To learn more about the program and check eligibility, contact the ABHTH Program Manager at (602) 285-0505, ext. 110. Applicants will also be required to apply through RBHA in order to request services. 

Interested in Becoming a Licensed ABHTH Provider?

Adult Behavioral Health Therapeutic Home


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