Jamboree of Joy Was a Success!

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On September 23, 2019, FSL presented Jamboree of Joy, an event for family caregivers to focus on their emotional health and well-being. Sponsored by AARP Arizona, twenty-two participants were treated to a half-day of attention to help them on their caregiving journey.

The event started with a check-in where all caregivers received a goody bag full of self-care items and party beads, which set the mood for the day. The opening session was led by Dr. Anne Borik, a medical physician, exercise physiologist and martial artist. She introduced the group to Prayer Motion, an innovative program of prayer gestures, movement and music, that actively engages the human spirit.

A generous lunch, with music provided by FSL’s staff, Emilie Go, was followed by a choice of three workshops, dedicated to exploring and reflecting on the caregiver’s journey. The event ended with a session called the Ha-Ha Spa, emphasizing the power of laughter to emotional well-being. All participants left with a red clown nose.

One hundred percent of participants gave the event a high satisfaction rating, adding comments like “All was a pleasant escape from caregiver world. Bless all of you.” and “I am very happy to come to this convention. Leaving with no stress. Thank you.”

We can’t wait for the next three sessions to be held in Peoria, Phoenix and Mesa. If you or someone you know is interested in attending, please visit our Events page for registration details.

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