Kathleen’s Inspirational Journey: How Your Support Can Make a Difference


An Unexpected Accident

When life takes an unexpected turn, it’s easy to lose hope. But then there are stories like Kathleen’s that remind us to never give up, no matter how challenging the circumstances may be.

Kathleen’s remarkable journey began in August 2002, when she was an eager college student ready to embrace life’s adventures. Little did she know that a sudden brain aneurysm would change her life forever. Doctors pronounced her dead following a tragic car accident, but Kathleen defied the odds! Today, she stands as a symbol of resilience and hope. Join us in supporting individuals like Kathleen who rely on your help to thrive.

The Fight For Recovery

Kathleen’s father had recently passed away, leaving her stay-at-home mom, Susan, to support the family. Just as Susan was finding her footing in a new job, she received the devastating news about Kathleen’s accident. It would be months before Kathleen could return home from the hospital, and her recovery journey was far from over. Kathleen faced difficulties with swallowing, memory loss, and impulse control. As her release date approached, Susan grappled with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for her daughter while also providing for the family.

Susan’s determination to find the best care for Kathleen led her on a challenging path. Most adult day health programs in the area were designed for elderly individuals, making them an unsuitable option for Kathleen’s vibrant personality. Susan considered the possibility of an in-home caregiver but worried about its long-term affordability and the potential for Kathleen to feel isolated.

A New Beginning with FSL’s Adult Day Health Center

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Susan and Kathleen finally found solace in FSL’s adult day health program. FSL operates centers in both the East and West Valley, offering a safe haven staffed with licensed professionals. Here, members receive essential support, including medication management, nutritious meals, engaging exercises, and the chance to socialize with peers of their age group. What sets this program apart is that it costs significantly less than in-home care, making it an accessible solution for families like Kathleen’s.

Kathleen enjoys the fun, engaging community she’s found with FSL, and her mother gets caregiver respite time during the week to continue working. It’s the perfect solution for the whole family!

Kathleen - Music Therapy - 3
Kathleen loves the music therapy provided at FSL's Adult Day Health Center

You Can Help Others Find Hope

The contributions of individuals across Arizona make it possible for community members like Kathleen to discover purpose and joy in their lives. Many families are in dire need of the services offered by FSL’s centers, but they remain unaware of this lifeline. We need additional resources to reach these families and extend a helping hand. Your generous, tax-deductible gift to FSL can make a world of difference, not only in their lives but also in your own. It’s worth noting that your gift may qualify you for an Arizona tax credit of up to $841, providing an opportunity to get every dollar of it back on your state taxes.

About FSL

For more information on how to join us in reducing hospital readmissions, we encourage you to explore our ACTIVATE program further and get involved in the effort to foster healthier communities. You can also call us at 602-406-2374 to learn more about ACTIVATE! Together, we can tackle the issue of hospital readmissions and make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens.

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