Know Each Tax Credit’s Limit 2022

Tax Credit

Have you taken advantage of Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credit Program? If you file Arizona state taxes, you can make donations to qualifying organizations in five different categories and get your gift back, dollar-for-dollar, on your return!

You can take advantage of this tax credit while improving the lives of so many in our own communities! Making a gift to an organization in the following categories is easy and it keeps your money right here in Arizona!

A qualified charitable organization.

A qualified foster care charitable organization.

A public school.

A private school tuition organization.

The military family relief fund (no longer accepting donations).

Your donations to public schools must be made by December 31, 2022 in order to receive the credit for the 2022 year, but thanks to recent changes in legislation, you have until April 15th, 2023 to make a qualifying donation to foster care organizations, private schools, and qualified charitable organizations!

When you file your Arizona taxes, you will get ALL of the above money back. You do not need to itemize your taxes to take these credits.

1) Qualifying Charitable Organization

You may donate up to $400 if filing singularly, and $800 if married filing jointly, and donating to a charitable tax credit organization is easy. FSL is a qualifying charitable organization that keeps donations right here in Arizona and uses them to improve the lives of Arizonans of all ages! You can make a donation online here.

2) Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization

You may gift up to $500 if filing singularly and $1,000 if married filing jointly in this category. Donating to a qualifying foster care organization is just as easy. You can find a full list of qualifying organizations here.

3) Public School

Gift limits to public schools are $200 if filing singularly and $400 if married filing jointly. Donating to a public school is as simple as making a phone call to a public school of your choice. Most public school websites accept donations online, and donations can be dropped off in person or mailed in. Often, you have the option of directing your tax credit donation to a specific program or class! Here is a link to the Arizona Department of Education website, where you can easily search for a school.

4) Private School

Gift limits to private school tuition organizations are $623 if filing singularly and $1,245 if married filing jointly. You can learn more about making donations to a local private school fund here.

5) Military Family Relief Fund

The maximum qualifying gift in this category is $200 if filing singularly and $400 if married filing jointly. This tax credit is slightly more complicated and is very limited. 

You can learn more about the Military Family Relief Fund here.

Please consider making a tax credit gift to deserving organizations in any of the five categories this year. Taking advantage of this amazing program allows you to tell the state of Arizona what you would like done with the money you pay all year, and donations support individuals and families in our own backyard.

*Please consult your tax adviser for more information or any questions you may have.

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