Laetitia’s Story: Giving and Giving Back

Laetitia B Wickenburg Nutrition

A lifetime giver finds her community ready to give back

Laetitia knows what it is to give back.

Over her lifetime, she’s opened her home to more than 100 special-needs foster children. She adopted two children and raised them as a single mother. She’s provided respite to more than 100 exotic animals in need of rehabilitation and in her spare time, Laetitia made it a point to visit lonely patients in the hospital, drive homebound friends and neighbors to appointments, and take her foster kids to our Wise Owl Senior Center to visit and entertain the people there.

But no matter how much our heart may yearn to help others, there comes a time when we need help ourselves.

Three years ago, Laetitia suffered a brain injury that turned the tables.

“Since all my kids are older, the roles have completely reversed,” says Laetitia. “Now I get to go visit [Wise Owl] and be on the opposite end of giving.”

Thankfully, the support of our friends allowed us to give back to Laetitia right when she needed it. Unable to drive, today she uses our Freedom Express to attend her appointments. She visits the Wise Owl Center as often as she can to socialize and eat a nutritious lunch, but the biggest help, she says, are the food boxes.

“I like the variety of food that is given. I get vegetables, fruit, juice, canned foods, pasta and tuna. My favorite item is the milk; it comes both bottled and powdered.”

It’s important for all of us to eat right, but for those living with a variety of medications, healthy food can mean the difference between home and the hospital. With the help of friends like you, our three food pantries provide 375,000 pounds of food to Arizonans just like Laetitia. These food boxes ensure that she has the ingredients to make healthy and nutritious meals throughout the week.

Laetitia spent the last 35 years helping the Wickenburg community. It’s your support of FSL that allows us to return the favor – to her and hundreds of others across Arizona each year.

If you or someone you know could use nutritional assistance, visit our webpage to find help today!

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