Meet the East Valley ReCreación Director

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FSL ReCreación is a place where any adult (age 18+) who is living with a physical, cognitive or developmental disability or medical condition can come pursue a purposeful day in a safe and organized, but fun and judgment-free environment.
One of the key people involved in the successful execution of FSL ReCreación is Carolyn Hutchens, East Valley’s Center Director. Today, we want to honor her for over two decades of dedication to serving the Arizona community.
Carolyn first began her journey as a Recreation Director at the Glendale location. She climbed the ranks with her passion for the clients and innovative ideas. Carolyn shares that her devotion to the adult day center culture stems from her distaste for the long-term care setting, from which she came all those years ago.
“There were too many restrictions,” she recalls. Citing the inability to take clients out and give them some semblance of their lives back as one of the pivotal points for her. Directing FSL’s East Valley ReCreación site, Carolyn ensures members are treated with dignity and provided with choices and inclusivity. She finds immeasurable value in those that attend her program and enthusiastically notes that her favorite part of the job is hearing the stories members have to tell.
“Hands down! Hearing their history is the best part!” she adds. “Our aging population is not respected enough. They built all that we now enjoy. And our young adults are simply amazing!”
This passion translates to her colleagues as well. Those that have had the pleasure of working with Carolyn have experienced the positive energy and joy in which she works. Always warm and helpful, her peers are consistently stoked to work alongside her.
“I want to highlight Carolyn’s cooperation and her willingness to support,” wrote colleague, Nydia Montijo, referencing her support of FSL volunteers and interns.
This followed a letter of commendation from the ASU Faculty for Carolyn’s efforts of time and expertise. Despite a shortage in manpower and resources, Carolyn and her team directly provided the participants of the Student Health Outreach for Wellness Project at the ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation with “invaluable opportunities to practice their skills as emerging allied health professionals”.
Carolyn is a mother of three “tiny humans”, as she put it, and will be celebrating 23 years of marriage this October. When told of her nomination, she expressed that it was an overwhelming surprise and she humbly accepted the recognition.

Carolyn, FSL thanks you for your dedication and undying loyalty to the organization!

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