My Home for the Holidays


Home ownership is a point of pride for many, but the maintenance and upgrades homes require can get more and more burdensome as we age. Homes quickly fall into disrepair when proper upkeep becomes difficult and replacing old and worn out appliances are a financial burden that many are unable to tackle. Unfortunately, veteran couple Mike and Teresa found themselves in this position earlier this year. The house that they had called home for the past 34 years was becoming a liability and Army veteran Mike was unable to do the work himself.

The refrigerator was leaking constantly and their utility bills were skyrocketing due to a malfunctioning air conditioner. Their home had become an inconvenient burden on their lives instead of the safe and comfortable refuge it was meant to be. After connecting with staff in the Home Improvements program offered by FSL, a plan was created and issues were able to be addressed. After a visit, staff were able to pinpoint many energy inefficiencies in Mike and Teresa’s home and replace the faulty appliances, making their home comfortable and safe once again.

Staff were able to install a new energy-star refrigerator, an air conditioner, exhaust fan, new insulation, sun screens and safety items such as a carbon monoxide and smoke detector. Home Improvements staff also sealed their duct and brought the home up to code, ensuring both energy efficiency and safety for Mike and Teresa. “They all worked tirelessly, timely and with spot-on accuracy from start to finish,” says Teresa, a veteran of the Navy.

After the work was finished and the dust settled, Mike and Teresa were able to enjoy their home again. On a fixed income, they had been spending a significant amount on utility bills, but are already noticing a savings. Home ownership is once again a point of pride for Mike and Teresa, and they can look forward to many more years spent together in comfort and safety, enjoying life without worry for the future. “Without FSL, none of this would have been possible for us,” said Mike.

FSL’s Home Improvement Program

FSL’s Home Improvements program provides services designed to allow people like Mike and Teresa to remain independent and in their own home. One of the main goals of FSL’s Home Improvements program is to make the homes that our clients cherish work for them, not against them. Through many different funding programs, we are able to offer qualifying homeowners repairs and renovations, as well as provide energy-saving education. We work to ensure that our clients receive the incentives they deserve and partner with valuable community partners as well as other FSL programs so that clients have every opportunity to become more independent. To learn more, give us a call at 602-285-1800 or visit us online here.

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