Pauline’s Success

Seniors and Poverty

Pauline’s success story starts every morning in a FSL-owned residential behavioral health home. She has called FSL home since September of 2003 because, like 9.8 million other adults in the United States, Pauline lives with a serious mental illness.

With the help of FSL, Pauline has learned to complete her daily living activities independently. These tasks, often referred to as ADL’s, consist of bathing, getting dressed, self-feeding and maintaining hygiene. Pauline has also gained the skills necessary to request her medications, complete housekeeping and laundry and assist with meal cleanup. She has learned to eat healthy and often assists staff with meal preparation. With the help of her house manager, Adrian, she keeps all of her scheduled medical appointments. Her days are also filled with gardening, completing her GED courses, brushing up on computer and typing skills as well as participating in the FSL’s health and wellness program.

A key part of her success is that Pauline volunteers with one of FSL’s community partners which helps her learn basic life skills most of us take for granted. She is able to assist with the cash register and greet incoming visitors with joy. Pauline lends her skills to other volunteers, helping them with their daily duties and forging friendships that offer mutual encouragement. These tasks are helping her improve the skills that will one day allow her to transition to a lower level of care, or perhaps live independently with minimal supervision.

Pauline says Adrian’s and other FSL staff’s help has given her a new sense of direction in life. She has learned to set attainable goals. She has made friends and enjoys peace of mind. Pauline hopes to use the skills she has gained to obtain part-time employment and says she would love to serve as a peer mentor and assist others wishing to mirror similar success.

One of the main goals of FSL’s residential behavioral health program is to teach adults living with mental and behavioral disabilities the skills that will allow them to become more independent and confident. We offer a comprehensive care plan and partner with valuable community partners so that clients have every opportunity to become more independent.

Seniors and Poverty
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