Stay Active in Our Peoria Senior Center

Senior Centers are vibrant hub for seniors to make meaningful friendships, explore their favorite hobbies and get the support they need. At Foundation for Senior Living, our centers are run by trained and qualified professionals who are dedicated to fostering a warm and fun environment for everyone.


Socialize With Your Peers

After you retire, it’s important to stay active and get social. Activities like spending quality time with friends and working within the community help you maintain a high quality of life well into your golden years. Enjoy the adult centered atmosphere and community spirit in our senior centers.

Learn Something New

When you walk into an FSL senior center, what can you expect? In our Peoria and Wickenburg locations, we offer:

If you want to learn something new or find other seniors with similar hobbies, our senior centers will help you maintain a vibrant and active life.

Senior Center Congregate Meals

Lunch is served in the Senior Center dining room daily beginning at 11:30am to seniors over the age of 60. This program is funded by Area Agency on Aging Region 1, Arizona Department of Economic Security and FSL. Nutritionist-approved meals are considered “contribution only” and a $3.50 contribution is suggested for all seniors. Nobody is denied a meal because of their inability to pay the suggested contribution amount.

Approximately 1,000 meals are served each month in the Senior Center dining room, and along with a healthy meal, seniors are able to enjoy the companionship with fellow attendees.

Senior Center2

Get in Touch Today!

We understand many seniors need a place catered to their interests where they can meet like-minded individuals. We also understand that you want to stay independent, which is why we offer transportation assistance. For more information, please contact the Senior Center nearest you:

8335 West Jefferson
Peoria, AZ 85380