Planning For Retirement And Long Term Care

Planning For Retirement

Did you know 70% of people turning 65 can expect to use some form of long term care during their lives. Which means, at some point you are likely to navigate through the abundant, and often confusing, spectrum of planning for retirement. But wait – you are not yet 65. Maybe you are 29, 35 or 40 and planning for retirement and long term care is not yet top of mind. Retirement planning is simply thinking ahead about what your needs will be after you stop working. These include:

  • Housing; do you want to stay in your home as long as possible? Or do you want to move to a retirement community?
  • Social: Family and friends, Associations. Will you live across country or move closer to loved ones?
  • Leisure: Will you have the means to travel? Perhaps your retirements years are the time to invest in that hobby you put off for lack of time. Volunteering could be a way to learn a new skill if your financial situation allows for this.
  • Health: Do you want to keep your current exercise routine or shake it up? Will you be staying, starting or stopping certain medication or therapies? Being close to friends means you can go on walks together.

Figuring all of this out should not fall solely on your shoulders, let us help you anticipate and understand your future needs. Our workshop series includes topics such as: Long Term Care Options & How to Pay for Them, Care of the Caregiver, Caregiving Techniques and Avoiding Fraud, Scams and Abuse. For more information please visit or any inquiries please reach out to Nydia Montijo at 602-285-0505 x153,

Planning For Retirement
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