Programs Provide Purpose: CJs Story

CJ Story

CJ has been a regular at the Glendale Adult Day Health Services (ADHS) center for nearly four years. As she makes the rounds greeting friends and newcomers alike, it’s easy to see that she considers FSL a second home. When asked what this program means to her she responds “I’m grateful and blessed. I love the center, I love the people, and it makes me happy when I can wake up, dress myself and come here.”

Giving clients a purpose in life is what ADHS staff do best. They offer meaningful activities that hone fine motor skills and keep joints limber; plan outings to offer memorable experiences; lead clubs that foster friendships built on common interests; and provide classes which inspire continuous learning. Not a moment is wasted in our centers and boredom is never a concern.

Like so many of our clients, CJ spends the day with FSL because it gives her a reason to get up and get ready in the morning. Battling Stage 4 colon cancer, CJ is no stranger to the depression and isolation that bring so many of our clients to our various programs. The games of Bingo, stacks of puzzles and scheduled outings keep CJ active and engaged in the community and her time spent mingling with friends keeps her spirits up.

“If I couldn’t come to the center, I would probably just sit at home and watch TV all day.”

For a social person like CJ, staying home alone during the day would spell disaster for her health, both mental and physical. She can often be found sharing her story with other clients, offering encouragement through her kind words and personal experiences. CJ and her friends chat about everything from the latest celebrity and local gossip to medical miracles and their grandchildren’s latest school play. They share ideas and memories as well as hopes and dreams for the future. They also carry each other through the tough times. “A lot of people come here for years, and then suddenly, they don’t come back anymore. We lose friends.” Through the tragedy of losing a familiar face, the clients at FSL ADHS build a strong community that offers comfort, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold.

Programs like ADHS enhance the independence of so many in our community. Our centers are more than a safe place to spend the day. They are a place for people to come and share ideas, tell their stories and build meaningful friendships.

Please consider making a tax credit donation to FSL on #GIVINGTUESDAY, November 29th. Your generous gift will ensure that CJ and the clients of all three FSL ADHS centers are able to continue to spend their days at the center, surrounded by friends.

CJ Story
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