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Providing Support for the Sandwich Generation

Did you know that 47% of adults ages 40 – 59 are caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children? Can you imagine how difficult that would be if both generations of loved ones required healthcare assistance in the home? These family caregivers are at serious risk of burnout. But, FSL can help!

Last year, FSL provided 346,714 hours of respite, or a break for caregivers.

Mrs. Jones has been a client of FSL’s Home Care Services since 2006. She lives in the east valley with her husband, their disabled adult son and her aging step-father. She has devoted her life to loving and caring for those around her, promising to keep everyone at home no matter what challenges lie ahead. But, Mrs. Jones is the only person in her household who is healthy and does not need assistance in caring for herself. In fact, she relies upon four FSL caregivers, providing 13 ½ hours of coverage each day. She doesn’t use FSL’s services so that she can have a break, but instead to spend her time caring for her husband who desperately needs a heart and kidney transplant and undergoes dialysis several times each week.

Two FSL caregivers are in Mrs. Jones home at the same time, 7 days each week, providing support during waking hours. One cares for Mrs. Jones’ 30-year old son who has both mental and physical disabilities and the other cares for her step-father who has dementia, or memory impairment. The FSL caregivers get them up in the morning, provide bathing and personal care assistance, cook their meals, and transport them to and from doctors’ visits, school and outings. In addition to this regular schedule, FSL provides 24/7 care in Mrs. Jones home, for one 7-day period each and every month. Once again, this isn’t because Mrs. Jones is going on vacation; it’s because she needs to be by her husband’s side when he goes into the hospital for inpatient dialysis.

Mrs. Jones describes FSL Home Care Services as a “Godsend.” She said, “I simply could not do this without FSL. My family would not function and I would not be able to care for my husband, my son, or my father the way that I promised them that I would.”

Fortunately, Mrs. Jones has insurance coverage which helps her pay for these necessary services. But many Arizonans in a similar situation would find it difficult to cover these costs out of pocket. 88 cents of every dollar donated to FSL goes directly to programs and services, and to helping people like Mrs. Jones. Consider supporting FSL today!

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