Rachelle’s Story

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Imagine the joy. Imagine the undeniable joy in your mother’s face as her life takes an unexpected turn… for the better. Going from the difficulties of being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease to being re-introduced to the happiness of what life has to offer; Dana got to experience that firsthand, from her mother Rachelle. Rachelle has been attending FSL’s Adult Day Health Services center for nearly four years now. Within those four years, life as Rachelle knows it has changed drastically.

Before attending the day center, life was hectic for both Dana and Rachelle.  Dana has always been employed full-time, in addition to being a full-time caregiver for her mother. Both she and her mother suffered from occasional depression during their hardships of the caregiving journey; Rachelle has Alzheimer’s dementia. Since her mother’s diagnosis, Dana has struggled with keeping eyes on her mother at all times since she cannot be left unattended. Throughout the years of Rachelle’s dementia she attended different care facilities but none seemed to ease the stress for Dana; until she found FSL’s Adult Day Health Services center.

Since beginning to attend FSL’s day center, Rachelle’s attitude and personality has improved drastically, she never comes home with a bad story to tell! Her favorite things about the center besides getting to socialize with others are the recreational activities throughout the day, the professional and always happy-go-lucky staff, making new friends, and occasional fieldtrips. “My mother adores the center so much and the staff has always been extremely welcoming to her. She loves the field trips the most. She’s been out to more places than I have!” As if the center is not Dana’s most recent blessing in disguise, Rachelle is also provided with transportation to and from the center daily. This is perfect for Dana’s work schedule, she never needs to worry about being late to work or depending on anyone else for transportation. Rachelle attends the center five days a week, and stays all day.

Dana noticed a change in her mother immediately. She noticed her mother’s eagerness for it to be Monday and sadness for Friday. “She always knows when it is Monday, and always asks if she is going to the center for the day.” As for Dana, her mother attending FSL’s Adult Day Health Services center has been a major stress-reliever. Knowing that her mother is in good care while she cannot be present has helped her in her day-to-day life. “My life does not seem as hectic anymore,” she said. “I’m so glad my mother and I have found the best arrangement for the both of us, we truly could not be any happier or more thankful for the staff at FSL’s Adult Day Health Services center. They will always be family.”

If you or someone you know can benefit from the services offered at our Adult Day Health Services centers in Glendale, Phoenix, or Tempe please contact us at 602-285-1800.

Donations made to FSL help subsidize services like those Rachelle is receiving in Adult Day Health Services. Please consider making a donation today!

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