Ray’s Story: An Unusual Christmas Story


“Home” … One of the loveliest, warmest words in the world.

But for some of our neighbors, “home” is more than a pleasant idea: It’s a place of
refuge. A place of independence. It’s the only place where you can truly be yourself.

Ray Paris can tell you all about it, from his wheelchair….

Problems with his legs make it extremely difficult for him to walk. He has vision and
hearing problems, too.

It wasn’t always like this. He served our nation in the U.S. Army for 25 years. Those
were great years. He traveled the world — and he loved the amazing variety of foods he
encountered. France! Italy! Yugoslavia! Germany! (“German pastry!” he exclaims with a huge
smile. “My favorite!”)

But in his retirement years here in Peoria, as his health deteriorated, Ray faced a real
challenge just to keep himself adequately nourished. Money was tight. Grocery shopping was
complicated. Just getting around in his wheelchair could be a real ordeal.

I’m glad to say that you helped Ray — by supporting Foundation for Senior Living
(FSL). You enabled us to welcome Ray into our Peoria center, not far from his home. We were
happy to seat him at our table every time he showed up — three times each week — for a hot,
hearty meal.

The sheer effort of moving around, however … getting in and out of
the wheelchair, getting it loaded and unloaded … even with help, it
was a chore. Ray was deeply grateful for the meals, yet after four
long months, his physical limitations were simply wearing him

Still, you weren’t done helping him.

Your generous support for FSL enabled us to keep
being there for Ray — through our home-delivered
meals program. Instead of Ray coming to us for
meals … the meals began coming to him!

It was the perfect solution. Ray’s apartment
is completely furnished. He has all the appliances
and kitchenware he needs to enjoy our prepared
meals — not to mention a whole wide world’s worth of

Now, Ray receives one meal a day, five days a week. He loves knowing the exact time
of day when his meal will be delivered (and how friendly the driver always is!). He’s delighted
by the variety of the foods (and the fact that he receives each month’s menu in advance). He’s
grateful that we gladly substitute foods if there’s something his medical conditions won’t allow
him to eat….

And most of all, he is overjoyed by the ease of FSL’s home-delivered meals.

For a man who can only leave home with a
wheelchair, this is the greatest gift of all.

This year, the idea of “home for the holidays” will take on a beautiful new meaning for
Ray Paris. You’re giving him a wonderful, practical kind of Christmas gift … the gift of self-sufficiency,
as you enable him to enjoy nutritious meals in his very own home.

And I hope today you’ll give this same kind of Christmas gift to others like Ray —
because he is far from alone in his need.

Every year, we provide thousands of home-delivered meals for
hungry people in need Valley-wide.

It’s a big challenge. As you can imagine, there are serious expenses. So we need your
help. Please give a very special Christmas gift to FSL today, to help us keep our home-delivered
meals program going strong.

Your gift today will also help provide some 475,000 lbs. of food to needy families
through our food pantries … offer affordable housing … operate residential behavioral health
group homes … provide home healthcare services … and much, much more.

Please let me hear from you soon. And on Christmas morning, as you’re enjoying your
own “home for the holidays”…

You’ll have the joy of knowing that someone else, here in Arizona, is safe and
comfortable in their own home too, enjoying a lovely Christmas meal … thanks to your

P.S. One more bit of good news: You can claim your “Christmas gift” today as an Arizona
Charitable Tax Credit on your 2019 taxes — up to $400 filing singly, $800 if married
filing jointly. In other words, you can give “for free.” Merry Christmas!

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