Realistic Resolution: The Power of Mindfulness

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We are all busy individuals and in this day and age we are busier than ever. If you happen to be a caregiver, caring for loved ones or your own children, or both, you most likely have no time for yourself. 

At the beginning of a new year it is easy to fall into the trap of making, while well-intentioned, multiple goals or resolutions; exercise every day, eat healthy or drink that green juice every morning. But, who has time for ALL of that. Quite frankly it sounds exhausting and extremely rigid to begin with. 

Therefore, this year instead of thinking of all the new habits you have to establish, think of only one, mindfulness! Mindfulness does not require you to incorporate any new diets or routines, it simply invites you to stay in the present moment. The word mindfulness sounds crunchy and intimidating but don’t let it scare you. Mindfulness is simply living in the moment, savoring and not letting your thoughts or distractions take away from it. 

For instance, when you are washing the dishes, wash the dishes. Stop thinking about everything else you have to do today, tomorrow and how the lady at the grocery store didn’t smile back. Simply enjoy the smell of the soap, the sounds of the TV, the warmth of the water on your hands or the sound of the leaves rustling outside. 

Mindfulness is one thing you can add into your everyday routine that will come to positively affect every single aspect of your life. According to a study by the American Psychology Association, some of the benefits associated with Mindfulness are increased focus, stress reduction, relationship satisfaction and better memory. So why not give it a try next time you are doing a chore, a fun activity or simply deep in conversation with a friend.

If you want to read more about APA Mindfulness study click here


254808ef 0e49 4ba4 974e b7b06180e680 1 1
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